6:45PM to 8:45PM

This 2 hour workshop includes a custom blend oil, created for you by Dayme herself. This incredibly unique scent, is then applied at specific times during Michelle's guided meditation and future timeline hypnotherapy exercise. Clients will travel out in to their future, planting the seeds of growth.

The essence of scent holds great spiritual power, connecting us to our deepest being and experiences. As we explore the art of truly knowing, we discover the divine link between our thoughts and the power of scent. Today, we embark on a journey to align our minds and bodies, and to manifest our deepest desires through the power of scent. By using this sacred anchor, we are able to recall our true alignment and visualize our intentions, igniting the energy that will lead us to our destined path. As we apply our chosen fragrance, we ground ourselves in the present moment and begin our transformation towards a new way of BEing. Let us embrace the power of scent and allow it to guide us towards our highest potential.


Tea is offered.