From Cushion Into Life:
Cultivating Wellbeing Through Meditation & Compassion
A Five Session Course Series with Jess Lakin

2:00pm to 3:30pm
*Class does not meet on November 27th due to holidays


Meditation which means ‘training the mind’ has been practiced in ancient traditions for millennia. Science is now affirming the benefits of meditation, not only for reducing stress, but also for promoting a sense of calm, wellbeing and joy.

This five session series offers an empowering introduction to meditation and the wisdom of the heart, with a focus on how these tools can support daily life - bringing compassion and understanding to ourselves; opening us to new awareness about the nature of our thoughts, emotions, and reactions; and loosening the grip of stressful triggers and reactive patterns.

This series understands by our very nature of being human, that we will experience challenges. We will have moments when our mind is loud and critical, we will feel waves of emotional overwhelm. However, by listening and cultivating awareness of the body, breath and by coming to the compassionate space of our heart, we can learn how to move from our heightened states and stress reactions into a space of being which is connected to our wiser self. This glimpse of our true nature is associated with sense of calm, spaciousness and inner radiance.

This series provides a deepening experience for beginner and experienced meditators alike, with a focus on bringing the practices we learn on our meditation cushion into daily life. It involves 5 in-person group sessions. Each session will start with a meditation practice followed by a teaching component and opportunity to share in the group. You will take the meditation practice home and journal around your experiences as you bring new awarenesses to your life, your patterns, blocks and stressful triggers, supporting you to experience life with more joy and flow.


Week 1: On Being Human
October 30th 2:00pm to 3:30pm

We start this journey by taking some time to appreciate where we are and where we have come from, as well as getting clear on what we would like to change to support our well-being. We acknowledge what it means to be human, to experience emotional ups and downs, successes and challenges, and to appreciate our journey which has brought us to the present. Our focus, is on cultivating our inner gaze of compassion and building connection and familiarity with some of the most powerful tools available to us; Awareness & Breath.

What is meditation?
Honoring our human journey.
Inner gaze of compassion.
The power of awareness for shifting perception.
Meditation on awareness of Body, Breath & Infinite Space.
Guidance to Being - when the mind is not captured by thoughts.


Week 2: Riding The Runaway Horse
November 6th 2:00pm to 3:30pm

This class focusses on deepening our journey into the healing capacity of breath and awareness. We bring light to stress and explore our personal relationship to it, by identifying triggers and reactive patterns. We explore how stress arises from the way in which we meet experiences in our lives. In particular we look at the power our thoughts and emotions play in our lives, and explore how we ride emotions.

Understanding energy and the body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Riding the runaway horse of emotional reactions.
Exploring the causes of stress.
Cultivating the healing breath.
Beingness and connecting to the Wiser Self.
Wisdom of the 3 A’s - Allow, Appreciate & Accept.


Week 3: The Radiant Heart
November 13th 2:00pm to 3:30pm

In this class we deep dive into the heart! We cultivate and build familiarity with the heart space. We learn to distinguish the difference between reacting from the mind, versus responding from the heart.

The Head and the Heart’s Intelligence - Mind and Radiant-Heart Mind.
Exploring Compassion & Self-Compassion.
Observing & naming emotions and thoughts as they arise.
Power of Self-Compassion for soothing emotions.
The Radiant Heart Meditation - touching into expansion, space and inner radiance.
Becoming the compassionate witness.


Week 4: Inner Listening
November 20th 2:00pm to 3:30pm

In this class we explore how our ability to listen within unfolds as we cultivate heart wisdom and compassion. There is a natural maturation which happens in our ability to deeply listen, and less tendency to fly off into our reactive patterns. We find we can listen and sit with whatever arises, and through what we have already cultivated in the breath practice, allow for whatever arises to dissolve back into space.

Meditation on listening with an open heart.
Riding with emotions - witnessing, allowing and dissolving emotional energies.


Week 5: Life as a meditation - moment to moment opportunities for learning and compassion.
December 4th 2:00pm to 3:30pm

This class weaves all to tools we have cultivated over the series, Breath, Awareness, Compassion, Resting in the Heart, Listening Within, and Riding Emotions with a focus on integrations and bringing them into everyday life.

Living with the Radiant Heart
Review and on-going practice.



Jess Lakin is an experienced life coach, teacher and healer known for her intuitive and compassionate approach. She holds a UK Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (D.Clin.Psy, UK), and has an extensive foundation in clinical therapeutic experience through her 15 years as a Clinical Psychologist within UK child & family mental health services. Her move to California initiated a diversion away from Clinical Psychology. It was here she embarked on an intensive program of personal training into body/mind consciousness practices and energy healing modalities. 

She qualified as a yoga and meditation instructor in 2016 and has broadened her training through working closely with Master Teachers from diverse branches of meditation and energy healing. She is also a Certified Shakti Reiki Master, and Radiant Heart Meditation Guide. She has specialized in as a facilitator of sound immersions with gongs. She offers an integrated and holistic life coaching and energy healing practice to support physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wellbeing and life transformation.


$275 for all 5 sessions / $60 for individual drop-in session