6:30PM to 8:00PM

Immerse yourself in timeless and expansive soundscapes where angelic harmonies, soulful rhythms and heartfelt tones lead you back home.

Join Gabriel Logan Braun for a dynamic and improvisational musical offering where he creates a unique sonic atmosphere for people to relax, de-stress, harmonize and embrace the depths of their inner-world. As a multi-instrumentalist and looping artist, Gabriel uses:

~ loop pedals
~ vocals
~ world flutes
~ crystal singing bowls
~ didgeridoo
~ percussion
~ handpan & rav drum
~ harmonium
~ guitar
and more!

Please prepare blankets, cushions, pillows, yoga mats and bolsters to make yourself a comfortable sound healing nest to rest in.


~ Brief Introduction to Sound Healing
~ Setting Intentions
~ Brief Guided Meditation with Light Breathwork
~ Sonic Womb Live / Sound Bath / Sound Healing Experience
~ Closing Reflections


Gabriel Logan Braun is a human instrument. He primarily uses his voice as the main instrument of his one-man band. As a multi-instrumentalist, he blends his voice, world flutes, didgeridoos, percussive instruments including the Handpan and Rav Drum, harmonium, guitar and crystal singing bowls with loop and effect pedals, to create a unique melding of healing sounds. His completely improvised sound bath experience is called, Sonic Womb: A Sound Healing Journey. He provides a safe space for people to relax, de-stress and embrace the sacred space within themselves.

As a seasoned sound healer, holistic musician and life coach, he has been offering his sound healing experiences over the last decade. Sonic Womb Live has made appearances at the Esalen Institute, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Beloved Festival, Bhaktifest, Lucidity and many more. Gabriel also offers his work at holistic-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, yoga studios, wellness centers, at corporate retreats and for film & television.

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Gabriel was exposed to many different world music influences from an early age. When he was sixteen, he went through a dark night of the soul. After being guided to his first yoga class, he began practicing yoga & meditation, traveling the world, studying with healers and musical mentors and has been on a path of personal growth and spiritual development ever since. All of these experiences led him to create his own unique path of sound healing and music that he is here to share with the world.