6:30PM to 8:00PM

The Rose’s gentle yet high vibration heals through nurture and support. Invite softness into your life with this heart opening plant rooted in the Divine Feminine. Balance the emotional and subtle body. We will connect to the wisdom and spirit of the Rose with a delightful rosey libation, guided plant meditation and Sound Journey. Join guide Megan Kenson for this soulful 90 minute gathering enveloped in the magnificence of Malibu.

Rose :: holds power for cellular and vibrational healing. some benefits include connecting and healing blocks around self love, receptivity, creativity, empathy, compassion, sensitivity, nurturance. supports healing of old wounds, our inner child and ancestral patterns  

Plant Meditation :: drop in to the energy of the Rose Spirit, open your senses and listen to the messages you are ready to receive from Rose and your higher self 

Sound Journey :: Relax, unwind, let your energy soften. Immerse in the flow of sound waves of Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Chimes, Peruvian Flute, Percussive instruments and voice. Allow your intentions to manifest with this beautiful plant ally.