Private Sessions

All pricing is based on 1-4 people per session. $15 for each additional person if group is larger than 4. Option to have session off-site for an additional $50. 
Please note that the rate is non-refundable if cancelled within 24 hours of the session. 

To book please call 424-644-0844 or email


Mindfulness Meditation Coaching

1 hour, $225, Ceri Bethan Loaring
This session involves spiritual coaching and guided meditation. After discussing the area of your life or pattern you wish to let go of, we then apply the practices of mindfulness to your individual difficulties. Or it better suited, we will work deeply with the subconscious using guided imagery and hypnosis to release old habits and ways of being, and create new pathways for growth and change.

Intro to Guided Meditation

1 hour, $150, Alexandra Jones or Michelle Boback or Chrissy MJ Anderson
Participate in a process of inner exploration, inquiry, reflection, and ultimately, expansion. Over the course of several sessions, we will develop an intention or topic to focus on, and the work together to formulate a practice that works best for you.

Comprehensive Meditative Therapy Session

1.5-2 hours, $225, Michelle Boback
Includes yoga routines and guided meditations with hypnotherapy elements, as well as your choice of dream analysis and journaling, timeline work/regression, reiki, intuitive healing, elimination diet support and recipes.

Meditation & Yoga Nidra

1 hour, $175, Alexandria Z Geringer or Elsa Korinke or Chrissy MJ Anderson
Also known as Twilight Meditation or Dream Meditation. Enter a state of full body relaxation and complete mental clarity. This guided journey takes inspiration from the moment just before sleep; balancing full body tranquility with mental sharpness.

Women’s Empowerment Coaching

1.5 hours, $175, Jess Lakin
Empowering and intuitive coaching for women utilizing guided meditation and holistic practices to bring awareness, clarity, and forward movement into life. For those seeking to initiate a change in the direction towards their heart, clarity over purpose or inner balance.

Couples Session for Intimacy & Connection

1 hour, $175, Ceri Bethan Loaring
This is a session of beautiful expansion created to enhance connection between you and your partner, providing a safe space to be seen and held. With interactive partnered experiences and reiki energy healing you will deepen your understanding of yourself and each other in a true and intimate way. 



Hypnotic Energy Healing Meditation

1 hour, $225, Isabelle Gray
Using the power of our minds and the energy of the universe, Isabelle will intuitively guide you inward and help you release what’s no longer needed. From that state you can connect to your true inner self, find clarity, calmness and truth.

Reiki Energy Healing

1 hour, $175, Ceri Bethan Loaring or Alexandria Geringer or Jess Lakin or Chrissy MJ Anderson
During a session, Universal Source Energy is channeled through the hands of the healer to you. Reiki energy is used to rebalance your chakras and release any stress and blockages, realigning and restoring you.



Guided Breathwork

1 hour, $150, Brian Jacobs or Codi Jane or Phia Zogopoulos
By actively engaging in a 2 step breathing technique, clients have the ability to experience what the heart and body have to say in regards to various aspects of themselves and their life. Throughout the session, you will reach altered states of consciousness that will ultimately help you move through trauma, heal inner wounds, release old stories and patterns, and transform from the inside out.



Sound Healing to Nurture Your Nervous System

1 hour, $225, Codi Jane
Codi will guide you through a sound journey intended to assist your nervous system in down regulating, making space for you to feel embodied and whole all while landing in the heart space. An immersive sound experience for deep healing on a cellular level.

Sound Healing & Energy Work

1 hour, $225, Alexandria Z Geringer or Natalie Valle
An experience that uses immersive sounds and energy to tap into, and recalibrate, the body and mind. Everything has its own specific frequency, and harnessing that promotes physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Stress Relief Sound Bath

1 hour, $250, Avi Sherbill
Soak yourself in pure tone restorative soundbath to help you detox from mental, physical, and emotional stress.

Personal Gong Meditation

1 hour, $225, Jess Lakin
Personal gong meditation for deep relaxation, stress release and to harmonize energies of the body and mind. The session works to your intention and is a powerful yet soothing experience in which you can simply let go to the transformative and healing properties of sound vibration.

Events & Celebrations

We also offer popular corporate team building events, special celebrations and studio rentals customized to your needs. 

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