Mindfulness in Motion

The Mindry is all about building a mindful community -- and even though this is a physical practice, the intention is to bring the same depth of awareness and presence as one would during one of our meditation classes. We refer to our Mindry yoga practice as “Mindfulness in Motion” because it is just as much a work IN as a work OUT, and we feel it is crucial to learn to meditate with our eyes open, moving through the world, the same way we do in our everyday lives.


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Our first priority is making sure that all of our guides and clients at the studio feel safe — as meditators, yogis, and healers, we know that establishing a safe space is essential for these practices to be effective.

• We have reduced class sizes by 60% to ensure sufficient social distancing
• Masks are required indoors at all times regardless of vaccination status during all yoga and meditation classes.
• Mats, Blocks, and high touch surfaces are disinfected
• If you aren't feeling well or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 please refrain from attending in studio classes until you receive a negative test

Thank you for riding these waves with us...