A Luxury Wellness Center
for Meditation, Yoga, & Mindfulness.

Whether you’re looking to deepen and expand your current self-care practice, or it’s your first time on the cushion, The Mindry is more than just a studio — it’s a sanctuary.


Two Weeks Unlimited
Yoga + Meditation Classes: $52

Building Mindfulness

Between the carefully crafted aesthetic, hand-selected wellness products, and first-class yoga and meditation guides, The Mindry Malibu creates mindful experiences for the modern practitioner. 

Our Story


Our Classes

All of our offerings are invitations to return to the present moment, from luxury self-care supplies, to guided meditations, yoga classes, breathwork, hypnotherapy, energy healing, sound baths and more. 

Our Guides

Our first-class instructors and guides bring years of experience in the healing arts to help you release stress and anxiety, shift your mindset, and cultivate wellbeing.

An absolute gift. I never regret taking a class with the Mindry. It helps me to recenter and show up better for my life.

Lexi, NY

At the end of each session, I feel I can better contribute to my family and community.

Winter, CA

Having the 'in person' connection with the teacher helps me focus and have meaningful meditation to heal and let go of the fear and tension that builds daily.