Two weeks unlimited
Yoga + Meditation + Virtual Classes: $45

Building Mindfulness

Whether you are looking for a way to deepen and expand your current practice, or simply want to try meditation for the first time, The Mindry promises to provide you with a safe space to join guided meditation classes and an inspirational place to source high quality wellness products.

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The overall benefits of meditation practice are too numerous to list - read an overview of some of the healing effects that our different Meditation modalities can bring to you - however you may and will experience so much more!

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An absolute gift. I never regret taking a class with the Mindry. It helps me to recenter and show up better for my life.

Lexi, NY

At the end of each session, I feel I can better contribute to my family and community.

Winter, CA

Having the 'in person' connection with the teacher helps me focus and have meaningful meditation to heal and let go of the fear and tension that builds daily.