Private Offerings

$60 off site/coordination fee for offsite location.
Please inquire with our Team for events or corporate pricing over 20 people.
Call 424-644-0844 of email


Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness

1 hour, $195 1-4 people, $295 5-10 people, $395 11-20 people

Participate in a process of inner exploration, inquiry, reflection, and ultimately, expansion. This session involves an introduction to meditation and guidance on how to apply mindfulness to your daily life. After discussing any areas of your life or patterns you wish to let go of, we will develop an intention or topic to focus on, and work together to formulate a meditation practice that works best for you.

Guided Visualization Based Meditation

1 hour, $225 1-4 people, $325 5-10 people, $425 11-20 people

Together with one of our guides, begin to work deeply with the subconscious using guided imagery and hypnosis to release old habits and ways of being, and create new pathways for growth and change. From this state you can connect to your true inner self, find clarity, calmness and truth. May also include your choice of dream analysis and journaling, reiki, intuitive healing, and meditation.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

1 hour, $195 1-4 people, $295 5-10 people, $395 11-20 people

Rest is a form of resilience. As you are guided into the state between wakefulness and sleep, this deeply relaxing and restorative practice will leave your body and mind refreshed. Yoga Nidra is an ancient yogic practice of deeply turning inward, and becomes an opportunity to step aside from your typical mental chatter and sink into the body. This practice invites you to find a sense of inner stillness and strength that you can revisit when the meditation is over. Soothe your nervous system while cultivating clarity and inner peace.

Guided Breathwork

1 hour, $225 1-4 people, $325 5-10 people, $425 11-20 people

By actively engaging in a 2 step breathing technique, clients have the ability to experience what the heart and body have to say in regards to various aspects of themselves and their life. Throughout the session, you will reach altered states of consciousness that will ultimately help you move through trauma, heal inner wounds, release old stories and patterns, and transform from the inside out.


Reiki Energy Healing

1 hour, $225 1-4 people, $325 5-10 people, $425 11-20 people

During a session, Universal Source Energy is channeled through the hands of the healer to you. Reiki energy is used to rebalance your chakras and release any stress and blockages, realigning and restoring you.

Crystal Healing with Reiki

1 hour, $225 1-4 people, $325 5-10 people, $425 11-20 people

During this session, various crystals will be intuitively chosen to assist your journey and Reiki is channeled from the practitioner’s hands to you. Crystal Healing uses the vibrational frequency and healing properties of the stones to find harmony in the mind, body and spirit. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, used to rebalance your chakras and release any stress and blockages, realigning and restoring you. These two modalities work together to create an unparalleled healing experience.


Group Cacao Ceremony

1 hour, $325 1-4 people maximum 1.5 hour $450 1-10 people, $575 11-20 people

Gather in sacred space and invoke your intentions, supported by the essence of Cacao. You will receive a ceremonial dose of organic and ethically sourced Cacao, a gentle yet immensely powerful heart opening medicine. Integrated into the experience are elements of guided meditation and breathing, connection and prayer with the Cacao, sound healing vibrations, and space for expression and sharing.

Tarot/Oracle Readings

30 mins, $125 1 person, 1 hour, $225 1-4 people, $325 5-10 people, $425 11-20 people

Allow yourself to be open and guided through intuitive messages to receive clarity on all questions big and small. Come to witness the spiritual guidance you are meant to receive and explore how the tarot can reveal a little bit of magic to you! Sealed with a guided meditation to integrate the messages you receive and help manifest your dreams.

“Acubath Soundbath”

1 hour, $395 1-4 people, $495 5-10 people, $595 11-20 people

This ceremony will have two practitioners - a sound healer and licensed acupuncturist. Through the use of guided meditation, stress reducing acupuncture, and sound healing, nurturing and supportive space is created for you to explore your inner world and to help you release any tension, stress, or anxiety that may be holding you back. Combining these powerful healing modalities helps you set your intentions and move forward with clarity and purpose. You will leave the feeling refreshed, renewed, and empowered.


Relaxing Soundbath

1 hour, $265 1-4 people, $345 5-10 people, $445 11-20 people

An immersive sound experience for deep healing on a cellular level, intended to assist your nervous system in down regulating. Everything has its own specific frequency, and harnessing that promotes physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Ceremonial Soundbath

1 hour, $265 1-4 people, $345 5-10 people, $445 11-20 people

A ceremonial experience that uses immersive sounds and along with meditation, intention setting, and ritual to tap into, and recalibrate, the body and mind. This session makes space for you to feel embodied and whole all while landing in the heart space.

Gong Meditation

1 hour, $265 1-4 people, $345 5-10 people, $445 11-20 people

Personal gong meditation for deep relaxation, stress release and to harmonize energies of the body and mind. The session works to your intention and is a powerful yet soothing experience in which you can simply let go to the transformative and healing properties of sound vibration.


Private Yoga Session

1 hour, $195 1-4 people, $295 5-10 people, $395 11-20 people

Mindful movement customized to your individual needs. Receive one-on-one guidance in this 60-minute private yoga session, with a number of different style choices from a restorative/yin class for deep relaxation and release, to an energizing vinyasa flow class to develop focus and strength. For other styles please inquire with our team.


We Offer yoga mats, meditation chairs, and blankets for rent. Contact the studio or email us to inquire about availability.