All of our certified guides bring years of experience in the healing arts to help you find your way back to balance and bring more awareness in your daily life.

Alexandra James

Alexandra is a devoted practitioner and teacher of yoga, meditation, and spiritual self-inquiry. Originally from Canada, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an MA in Yoga Studies from Loyola Marymount University (2000+ hours of study), as well as certificates in Yoga, Mindfulness and Social Change, Yoga Therapy RX Level 1, Jaina Yoga Studies (obtained in Delhi, India through ISSJS) and a 200 hour teacher training in the Ram Dass lineage.

Alexandra's personal background in Tibetan Buddhism remains at the heart of her practice, as she strives to demonstrate how compassion can be a creative force, and how our minds can transform our realities. All of her offerings are infused with nervous system regulation in order to work through difficult emotions in a way that is gentle and restorative. 

Alexandria Geringer

Through mindfulness Alexandria was able to connect back to her truest and most authentic self.

She started her mindfulness practice through Yoga over 11 years ago and discovered the beautiful art of Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Meditation, and Sound Healing shortly after. Her passion lies in holding space for others to tap back into to who they are and to radiate that back into the world.

Amanda Gestetner

Amanda Gestetner is a Reiki Master with over 20 years experience, Intuitive Energy Healer,  Sound Healer and Meditation teacher. She works between California, London U.K.  and The Bahamas. Amanda  is passionate about long term deep Healing from the inside out and raising the vibration on our Planet. 

Becca Zimble

Becca is in the work with her students. The more studied a teacher she becomes, the more humble a student she becomes. Her core values are resilience, love and practice. A quote she lives by is, “Yoga is not meant to perfect who we are, it is intended to help us perfect our love.”

Becca is an E-RYT 500 Advanced Yoga and Meditation instructor trained by a long lineage of teachers who emphasize on philosophy and tradition. A strong flow, pranayama, and meditation are found in her classes. They are transformative.

Teaching for 7 years and each time she enters the studio she is in awe of this practice and how it can change lives, heal hearts, open channels of opportunities, and shift our bio-chemistry. Longevity is the reason she started to practice, but awakening is what she continues to find. 

Ceri Bethan Loaring

Ceri has been a devoted practitioner in Mindfulness for over a decade.

Passionate about helping people inhabit their truest self, she completed her 400hr Teacher Training at The Den Meditation. Ceri is also a certified Reiki Practitioner, a certified Mindfulness Instructor, and a Guided Imagery Facilitator. Ceri is committed to helping people cultivate present moment awareness in order to live life more fully, and to embrace their inner worth.

Chrissy MJ Anderson

Chrissy is a Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness meditation guide for adults and children, certified Reiki practitioner, crystal healer, active listener and mental health ally.

She found meditation at the end of a two-year battle with depression. Discovering the immediate and long-lasting positive benefits of meditation, Chrissy was able to make drastic changes to her life, leaving behind her anxiety and depression. This experience, as well as her passion, led her to a conscious decision to help facilitate a healing process for others. Chrissy’s training includes The DEN Meditation 400-hour Teacher Training, Wanderlust’s 50- hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, and a course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Chrissy graduated from Syracuse University with a BA in Communications and Rhetorical Studies, helping to prepare her as an active listener and mindful communicator. Chrissy has used her personal mental health and meditation journey to work with clients with anxiety, depression, poor sleep quality, trauma and substance abuse.

Christian Mack

After arriving in Santa Monica in 2011, Christian had a near death experience that changed his life.

He soon found meditation helpful, but it was a constant challenge to quiet his mind. It was the discovery of Breathwork that truly transformed him and later inspired him to share it with others.
Breathwork is an essential part of the awakening journey because breath is the link between consciousness, physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Codi Jane

Codi Jane is an Integrative Holistic Healer and Embodied Self-Love Guide. Her mission and vision is simple: she strives to bring all beings an embodied experience of expansion, and inner peace through the body’s intellect. 

Codi Has been a Reiki Master since 2016, and is a Kripalu Certified Yoga practitioner with trauma-informed training, Chopra App Sound Healer, and offers in person Breathwork & Sound Healing classes at The Mindry. Codi offers her healing modalities to private clients, in coaching settings, group settings, as well as retreats. 

She guides leaders, activists, change makers, and emerging truth seekers to discover the gifts of embodiment. With a focus on helping individuals and families heal from Intergenerational Trauma she will assist you in experiencing peace, freedom, wholeness, and growth.

Codi will meet you exactly where you are with depth of knowledge and understanding to hold a compassionate space for you to expand & thrive. 

Danielle Elese

Danielle Elese is a certified Sound Healing Therapist & Reiki Master Teacher (CSHT, RMT). Currently, she is pursuing her Hypnotherapy certification. Education & expansion are the cornerstones of Danielle’s healing explorations.

Her intention is to provide space for others to come into greater alignment with their own inner healer. Thus activating one’s own unique purpose, in alignment with a sense of joy. 

Music and song have always been interwoven within Danielle’s expression. Danielle uses Reiki-infused Sound Healing to bring the body, soul & spirit back into harmony with one another. Creating greater harmony within the Universe. 

Dorothea Barth-Jorgensen

Dorothea is an Intuitive guide in Breathwork, Sound medicine & self inquire.

Her lifelong awareness and fascination with Creation and Consciousness led her to explore several healing modalities with some of the world's leading masters in non-duality, breathwork, & the art of sound healing. Early on, Dorothea was recognized as a quiet yet deeply intuitive artist & healer. Her natural childhood giftings were nurtured in the countryside of Järna, Sweden, the center of the anthroposophical movement & biodiverse farming within Scandinavia. Today, Dorothea holistically embodies and beautifully balances her warrior-spirit approach with an embodied feminine sensitivity, anchored in her undeniable love for humanity and the awakening of the true self. She holds a conscious space for her clients to go deeper into recognizing their own loving presence.

Eric Mellgren

In 2015, Eric became certified in Nutritional Therapy with the NTA program.

After learning about how stress directly affects how people process or don't process nutrients from the foods they eat, Eric started looking for ways to help. After performing a sound bath at the Integratron in Joshua Tree, it sparked Eric's interest in the energy and sound healing world. He finished both sound therapy (tuning the human biofield by Eileen McKusik) and Reiki Masters (Dr Usui taught by Lori Torok) certifications in 2017 and began group and private sound guided meditations. After being in the high paced, highly stressful, and anxiety laced corporate environment for 13 years, Eric is eager to bring alternative therapy for everyday people.

Harper Botorowicz

Before shifting her focus to yoga, Harper studied Food and Nutrition at the University of Alabama where she earned her B.S. degree.

She is trained to guide Hatha, Vinyasa, Prenatal and Yin. She currently studies Meridian Therapy and her Advanced Yogic Studies under Erin Rose Vaughan (MSAc, E-RYT). Harper will begin on her Doctorate in Chinese Medicine in the fall.  She also has a long time meditation practice. She advocates having power over your mind to have more power over yourself/life – your breath helps you get there.

Pranayama, meditation and yoga are ritual daily practices.  It was this interest in the mind, that drove Harper to dive into hypnotherapy studies. Studying with Damian Bertrand under his method, she specialized in past life regression hypnotherapy and deep relaxation.

Isabelle Gray

As a little girl, growing up in Europe, I remember knowing I could will anything into existence by simply putting my mind to it. Somehow that knowing got lost by limiting beliefs, programming, doubt, fear, society, etc.

When I became a mom, the knowing came back, knocking on the door. It was so loud and uncomfortable. I had to heal myself and rediscover my gifts, not just for me, but also my children. There was a need to really break patterns and to remember who I am, on a soul level. My work is a combination of modalities I experienced and studied throughout this journey. Through hypnotic energy healing I take my clients on a journey within. That can be past lives, womb healing, shadow work, etc. Peeling back the layers to eventually remember, who we are. Reuniting the mind, body and the soul. Returning back to love. A big part of my work is connecting my clients to the healer within. I believe we can all learn how to master our minds and play with the universe, just like the little girl in me remembered, if we can only believe how powerful we are.

Jess Lakin

Dr Jess Lakin has a nurturing and joyful spirit and a deep passion for guiding people to their inner essence and purpose.

Her 20 plus years in the field began in the UK where she qualified and worked as a Clinical Psychologist (DClinPsy-UK), specializing in child and family services. Jess underwent her own powerful journey of transformation following her move to Los Angeles. It was here she embarked on an intensive program of personal training into body/mind consciousness practices and energy healing modalities. She now works as a life coach, meditation facilitator and Reiki practitioner/trainer, and offers integrative and holistic pathways to well-being. She is a certified yoga/meditation teacher (RYT-200), Radiant Heart meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner & instructor and sound immersion facilitator. She brings particular expertise to those seeking emotional well-being, body-heart-mind-energetic integration, and stress management. She also offers specialist support for women, parents and children.

Maha Bodhi

Maha Bodhi, M.A. is the founder of Women in Leadership Space, a leadership development program for corporations. She leads inspirational speaking engagements, international retreat, women leadership development training and executive coaching for Fortune 500 corporations. After surviving a brutal upbringing of being enslaved as a female in Yemen, forced into arranged marriage twice, surviving multiple death threatening situations, and two civil wars before arriving in the U.S., Maha found her freedom and true self through the practice of yoga, meditation and modern neuroplasticity techniques. She is a living example of the hero's journey and is dedicating her entire life to spread the transformational techniques that saved her life.

Megan Kenson

"I feel naturally inclined to help others live life with more awareness, freedom and fun. My values are deep rooted in connection and respect for self, nature, community & now. I aim for holistic optimization, longevity, and balance. We can align our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to be collectively beneficial. I aspire to inspire. I vote for nourishment."

Megan's practice and offerings include Mindful Movement, Yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative), Meditation, Breathwork, Sound Healing, Dance, and Cacao. She guides retreats and ceremonies around the globe sharing her passion for conscious living and evolving with our beautiful Earth. She holds a BA from UCLA in World Arts and Cultures with a Dance Concentration, RYT-200 Yoga Certification, 500+ hour Pilates Technique Certification, is a student of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, and continues to dance professionally. She has been teaching with gratitude for over 15 years and sees it as a forever part of her higher purpose. 

Meghan Rose

Meghan is a trained and certified Reiki Practitioner in the Usui lineage, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, and RYT-200 Yoga Instructor.

She has been performing reiki, energy healing, intuitive tarot readings, and Holistic Health Counseling for years after her initial decision to explore her spirituality and intuition in hopes of giving back to others. Working with corporate companies such as Michelob Ultra, Skara, Teressa Foglia - Malibu, and many more, aiming to spread awareness of spirituality with inclusivity and acceptance to each person’s individual journey.

Michelle Boback

Michelle likes to help her clients regain their cosmic connection.  Awakening and remembering who they are.

Through the process of hypnotherapy and meditation one becomes more mindful, more aware of themselves and their existence. This new awareness helps to rebuild meta models and opens the mind and heart to new possibilities. 
Over the last 25 years, Michelle has studied and been certified in Hypnotherapy (practitioner level), Yoga (inc. pre and post natal), Usui Reiki - Master Level, and Accelerated Emotional Release Therapy. Always, on the side of curiosity, Michelle continues to study and practice the art of wellness and connectivity. Finding peace and pleasure in hold the healing space for others.

Miel Mullen

As an indigenous Canadian (Anishinaabekwe) Miel, short for Melanie, came to identify the practice of Yoga as it gifted great balance during her years as an environmental activist and later an Environmental Engineer. She began to commit her life's work to guiding yoga, doing teacher trainings all over the world, (E-RYT 500 hour Modo, Flow-state Yoga, Yin, Yoga Medicine, Core Functional Anatomy and Embodiment). Miel focuses on connecting you to your own creative & joyful self through breath, mind and body awareness. With a profound understanding of neuroscience & anatomy, Miel helps you connect to your inner power, guiding the healthy function of all of your zillion cells that make up your sacred body. Teaching yoga full time for 9 years, she honors your inhale, exhale and holding space for everything in between.

Mona Therese Winston

Mona Therese Winston (E-RYT 500) has been a teacher for over 35 years, She is trained in the linage of Krishnamacharya, and her main focus is on breathing, Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation. Her fascination of the human being, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually shines through in her teaching and her own self.

Natalie Riggs

Natalie Riggs has been a yogi for 25yrs and through her many years of practice and study; has created a style of yoga she calls, Shakti Flow. Embracing elements of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga; Shakti Flow focuses on the circular motion of the breath and body while also incorporating use of mantra and meditation.

Through Natalie’s own yoga & meditation practice, and most importantly her beloved children (Lucas and Giselle); Natalie has a warm and nurturing demeanor. Her intention with each class is to create a safe space for her students to express themselves, feel their body sensations, and ultimately receive the serenity and bliss that yoga so uniquely delivers.

Natalie Valle

Natalie's training and background includes Sound Healing Practitioner Certificate through Soundology, Yoga Teacher Training(RYT 200), Usui Reiki L3, NLP, Positive Mindset Coaching Certificate from the Transformation Academy, Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping (certification in progress), and meditation.

Working with her you can expect a healing experience that will help you transmute any negative patterns that are holding you back from feeling light, aligned, and empowered.

Nicole Rutsch

Nicole is a Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master, Sound Healer, and Herbalist.

Nicole started her career as a photo assistant, which turned into working as a food-stylist. In 2014, she developed her passion for food and started her own catering business.

Initially, the majority of her clients came from the fashion industry, including Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Vera Wang, Rag & Bone, Michael Kors, Derek Lam, and many more. Shortly after, Nicole expanded into the wellness industry, partnering with clients like Alo Yoga, Athleta, Adidas and Bandier.

Nicolette Ficchi

Nicolette is an LA based Reiki Healer, Yoga Instructor, and Health Coach whose mission is to support people in moving through feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm in order to live more balanced and blissful lives.

After years of living and working in New York City with a high-stress lifestyle, she discovered these meditative practices that completely changed her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Nicolette is passionate about offering a grounding experience and setting up a safe environment for students to receive the healing magic of reiki, deepen the connection with themselves and reclaim their inner peace.

Sarah Fina Connerley

Came to remember. Love is my medium. Yoga Nidra and Breathwork Guide, A Gentle Awakening

Zoe Scaljon

Zoe started singing melody before she could speak words. Her life has been devoted to the magic of sound, and she has experimented with many different expressions of her voice. A classically trained Opera singer, Zoe feels that sound is the quickest and deepest natural healing modality to transport the mind and spirit. Her work harmonizes intuitive melody over healing Crystal Alchemy Bowls that amplify, transmit, and store energy. Through these vibrations of voice and Mother Earth, an ethereal alchemy is created. Zoe’s background and training includes Certificate in Sound Healing from Sacred Science of Sound, Bachelors degree in Vocal Performance and Opera, Usui Reiki, Yoga Teacher Training (200hr RYT), Kundalini Yoga, and Intuitive Healing.