The benefits of mindfulness are virtually endless, and below is an overview of some of the healing effects that our different modalities can bring to you - however you may and will experience so much more!


The breath is often described as the link between mind and body. When we work with the breath, we learn how to better process and regulate emotions, such as fear, pain and trauma.

Useful for:
~ Liberating yourself from the “fight or flight” response that keeps you bound to states of anxiety and stress.
~ Releasing unprocessed emotions or traumas.
~ Accessing the intuitive wisdom and natural healing powers of the body.

Sound Healing

Immersive sound vibration supports our healing in many ways — it has the potential to improve the immune and circulatory systems, calm the chatter of the mind, and release physical and emotional tension that may be stored in the body.

Useful for: 

~ Engaging your parasympathetic nervous system for deeper states of relaxation.
~ Great for beginners and those who struggle to concentrate.

Guided Meditation

Practices of presence that allow you to shift your attention and retrain old patterns of thought and behaviour. Create new pathways and skills for managing stressful situations.

Useful for:

~ Changing habits or tendencies and setting goals.
~ Developing self-awareness and the ability to respond rather than react.
~ Improving neuroplasticity for better concentration, mood, and adaptability.

Reiki and Energetic Healing Meditation

Gentle energy healing is channeled from the guide to the practitioner, restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit by removing blockages. Free yourself from physical, mental and emotional restrictions and allow your own natural healing process to open up before you.

Useful for:

~ Working with blockages or obstacles. 
~ Dealing with tension and stress.
~ Supporting healing on physical, mental and emotional levels.


Our yoga classes are designed to help our clients embody their meditation practice. Each practice opens with intention setting, and weaves together physical postures, breath awareness, and mindful movement to set your meditation in motion. When we connect with our bodies, we are instantly present — and the benefits are virtually endless.

Useful for:
~ Improving your nervous system response to stress.
~ Increasing your flexibility, strength, and concentration.
~ Releasing tension, stress and restlessness to help you access deeper states of relaxation and calm.