The overall benefits meditation practice are too numerous to list - below is an overview of some of the healing effects that our different Meditation modalities can bring to you - however you may and will experience so much more!


The breath is often described as the link between mind and body. When we work with the breath, we learn how to better process and regulate emotions, such as fear, pain and trauma. Liberate yourself from the “fight or flight” response that keeps you bound to states of anxiety and stress, and instead, engage your parasympathetic nervous system for deeper states of relaxation.

Sound Healing

Did you know that sound vibrations or frequencies can actually transform the DNA of living beings and other material objects? Let sound waves wash over you in a deeply calming meditative experience, as the healing vibrations work to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. Reduce stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression. 

Guided Meditation

Develop the powerful tools of self-awareness and concentration in order to cultivate an inner sanctuary of peace where you can take refuge from the chaos of daily life. Create new pathways and skills for managing stressful situations and watch how mental clarity, patience, and compassion start to become second nature. Shift your attention to retrain old patterns of thought and behaviour while also tapping into your own creative capacities.

Reiki and Energetic Healing Meditation

Restore balance to the body, mind and spirit by removing energy blockages. Free yourself from physical, mental and emotional restrictions and allow your own natural healing process to open up before you. Especially helpful for treating insomnia and in post surgery healing.  

Ancient Practices

Tarot, Astrology and Ceremonial practices are powerful tools for Self Awareness. They serve as  affirmation techniques and provide maps and guides for creating one's best self. Dive into a deeper state of presence. 


Our yoga classes are designed to help our clients embody their meditation practice. Each practice opens with an intention setting, and weaves together physical postures, breath awareness, and mindful movement to set your meditation in motion. When we connect with our bodies, we are instantly present — and the benefits are endless. Yoga can improve our nervous system response to stress and our ability to access states of relaxation, while increasing our flexibility, strength, and concentration, just to name a few.