Our world is rapidly changing, and sometimes we feel pressured to keep up. Our culture often reinforces the idea that speed and productivity are more valuable than stillness and patience.But when we are forced to pause, and we can’t get to where we want to go as quickly as we want to - what do we do? When the instant gratification we crave is no longer accessible to us, can we escape the feelings of pain and frustration that come when we feel we aren’t doing enough, or that we don’t have enough?

Developing patience can help us endure life’s detours. When plans slow down or change all together, we can learn to accept life as it is. We can learn to find beauty in the present moment, and patiently dwell in this place without needing to change or alter it. 

This doesn’t mean we become complacent - it means we can step into the wisdom which realizes our peace of mind is at stake when we fight the inevitable. And often times, there is a lesson just waiting to be learned amidst whatever situation we find ourselves in. Remaining open and patient will help us turn whatever we are experiencing into our practice.

As meditators, we practice hanging out in stillness all the time. 

And trust us, there can be peace and gratification here too.

~ Slow down with us ~