We know it can feel intimidating to start something new, but the season of spring is the perfect time for a fresh start — and we are here to support you through it! Whether you are brand new to meditation or you are returning to your cushion for the first time in awhile, all classes at THE MINDRY are created to be accessible for everyone.

To show you just how approachable and practical meditation can be for beginners, we wanted to dispel some of the most common myths:

Meditation is not “emptying your mind”

Many people think they are bad at meditation because they get distracted. But it’s totally normal for thoughts to come up - that’s what your mind does! Instead of not thinking altogether, we just try to keep our attention in the present moment, instead of the past or future. 

There is no “right” way to meditate 

Meditation has been around for over 3000 years and has always been changing and evolving to respond to the needs of different times. There's no reason to feel bad about adjusting the length of your meditation, the way you sit, where you practice, the clothes you wear, and the specific techniques you use depending on what you need right now. 

You don’t need to be spiritual or religious to meditate 

Meditation is simply a technique for getting to know your own mind (mental hygiene so to speak). Since the mind is involved in all human experience, we not only find that it is used by cultures all over the world, but also by athletes, corporate professionals, artists, etc!

Meditation doesn't mean tuning out the world

Some people think meditation is simply closing your eyes and "blissing out", but as we grow in self-awareness through our practice, we can start to see the way our own thoughts and beliefs are connected to the world around us. In this respect, meditation can become a powerful tool for social justice & shifting the way we relate to others and participate in society.