As meditators, seekers, and sensitive souls, it is crucial that we use this present moment (as heavy and scary as it may feel at times) as an opportunity for growth. The future may be uncertain, but remaining hopeful and positive amidst everything we face is the key towards creating new pathways - to building a new world and lives that are not limited by our fear or doubt.  

A big part of remaining positive is learning to become watchful of our own minds and the thoughts that we allow to occupy our precious mental space. By first noticing the negative scripts of fear that we might be dwelling on - what we are amplifying through our attention - we can begin to invite in a different attitude, one that sees the potential for goodness in the most unfavourable of circumstances.

Of course it won’t always be easy, but as we practice, we learn to tap into that innate joy within us that is not only essential for our wellbeing, but is our birthright.  


  • Write down something you are grateful for. 

  • When good things happen, acknowledge them. 

  • Be selective with what you consume - from food to media and everything in between.

  • Seek out supportive community.

  • Make meditation and self-reflection a part of your daily routine.